Online Tutorials

Univ. Bristol Hands On OpenCL : Lecture Slides & Exercises 2013 Read more
CMSoft OpenCL Tutorial : Introductory 2010 Read more
Codeplex OpenCL Tutorial : Quick Start 2010 Read more
Dr.Dobbs A Gentle Introduction to OpenCL (by Matthew Scarpino) 2011 Read more
Mac Research OpenCL Programming (3 videos) 2012 Video: #1 #2 #3

Commercial Training Companies

Accelerware Range of standard and custom courses Current Read more
Appilo OpenCL – Programming Heterogeneous Systems Current Read more
ArrayFire Four day parallel computing, inc. OpenCL Current Read more
Develop Intelligence Customised OpenCL Courses Current Read more
Mindshare Four day OpenCL Course Current Read more
NAG An Introduction to OpenCL Programming Current Read more
StreamComputing Standard and custom OpenCL training Current Read more

Vendor Specific Courses

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