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The number of OpenCL research papers is growing fast and here are a few good search tools for finding them:

Research Papers – OpenCL Newsletter – Issue 19

  • The Study of the OpenCL Processing Models for the FPGA Devices more
  • Full-System Simulation of Mobile CPU/GPU Platforms more
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks and libraries for large-scale data mining: a survey more
  • Dynamic Application Autotuning for Self-Aware Approximate Computing more
  • Hybrid CPU-GPU execution support in the skeleton programming framework SkePU more
  • HeteroMap: A Runtime Performance Predictor for Efficient Processing of Graph Analytics on Heterogeneous Multi-Accelerators more

Research Papers – OpenCL Newsletter – Issue 18

  • The ANTAREX Domain Specific Language for High Performance Computing more
  • Accelerating ternary quantized convolutional neural networks using OpenCL for FPGA more
  • Novel Data-Partitioning Algorithms for Performance and Energy Optimization of Data-Parallel Applications on Modern Heterogeneous HPC Platforms more
  • CLTestCheck: Measuring Test Effectiveness for GPU Kernels more
  • Performance Optimization of Memory Intensive Applications on FPGA Accelerator more
  • Improving GPU Performance through Instruction Redistribution and Diversification more
  • Energy Efficient Parallel K-Means Clustering for an Intel Hybrid Multi-Chip Package more
  • On the Portability of GPU-Accelerated Applications via Automated Source-to-Source  more
  • Cooperative CPU, GPU, and FPGA heterogeneous execution with EngineCL more
  • An Empirically Guided Optimization Framework for FPGA OpenCL more