OpenCL Reference Card

The Khronos OpenCL Reference Cards provide both experienced and novice developers with an easy to use quick reference to the API specification. Developed with active participation from members of the API workgroup and the specification editors these reference cards distill everything down to a few pages and can either be ordered from Amazon as high-quality ‘lay-flat’ reference cards or viewed on-line.  The printed versions offer:

  • Complete reference to all the API functions
  • Easy access to all the detail without having to turn to the spec
  • Co-authored and approved by the official Khronos workgroups
  • Wide left margin for optional hole-punch
  • Color-coded index
  • Laminated finish using matte material for low glare*
  • Hinge or spiral bound to lay flat no matter how you have it folded*

Available OpenCL Reference Cards

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OpenCL 2.1View PDFBuy on Lulu
OpenCL 2.0View PDFBuy on Lulu
OpenCL 1.2View PDFBuy on Lulu
OpenCL 1.2 C++ WrapperView PDF
OpenCL 1.1View PDFBuy on Lulu
OpenCL 1.0View PDF

The Khronos reference cards are produced by Miller & Mattson.  If you need something similar you can contact them at:

* The specifications of each reference card may vary. Please check the details on Amazon before ordering.