A wide variety of OpenCL News and Blog sites now exist and a list of the most active sources of OpenCL related news are provided below.  If you have any updates to the list please share your thoughts with us via our General Enquiry form.

AJ GuillonConsultancy with associated Blog**FollowVisit Blog
AnandtechNewsite posts on OpenCL**FollowVisit Blog
AMDDeveloper posts tagged with OpenCL**FollowVisit Blog
ArrayFireBlog posts tagged with OpenCL**FollowVisit Blog
ARMMali blog posts tagged with OpenCL***FollowVisit Blog
ExtremetechNews site posts on OpenCL**FollowVisit Blog
ImaginationBlog posts tagged with OpenCL**FollowVisit Blog
Khronos OpenCLOfficial OpenCL Twitter feed**Follow
OpenCL HPCTwitter feed***Follow
Simon McIntosh-SmithUniversity of Bristol***Follow
StreamcomputingConsultancy with associated Blog***FollowVisit Blog