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ACMLAMD Core Math LibraryWebsite
AccelerateEmbedded array processing languageWebsite
amgCLAlgebraic multigrid frameworkWebsite
AparapiJava bindingsWebsite
AQUAgpusphCFD code based on SPHWebsite
ArrayFireMaths LibraryWebsite
ASLAdvanced Simulation Library (Multiphysics)Website
BarracudaRuby wrapperWebsite
BoltBolt C++ Template LibraryWebsite
Boost.ComputeCompute library for C++ based on OpenCL.Website
Bullet PhysicsOpenCL accelerated Rigid Body PipelineWebsite
C++ AMPC++AMP to OpenCL transformWebsite
CF4OCLC Framework for OpenCLWebsite
clBLAScl BLAS implementationWebsite
clblastOpenCL tuned BLAS libraryWebsite
clFFTOpenCL FFT LibararyWebsite
CLFORTRANFortran moduleWebsite
clMAGMAOpenCL port of MAGMAWebsite
clppData Parallel Primitives LibraryWebsite
clSpMVSparse Matrix SolverWebsite
cltorchOpenCL backend for torchWebsite
CLTuneAuto tune OpenCL kernelsWebsite
ClytherJIT specialization engine for OpenCLWebsite
Codeplay Math LibOpenCL 1.2 Math libraryWebsite
ConcordC++ Hetrogenous Programing FrameworkWebsite
DeepCLTrain deep convolutional networksWebsite
Delphi-OpenCLDelphi and Free Pascal (Lazarus) interfaceWebsite
DL- Data LayoutOptimize Heterogenous Data LayoutWebsite
EasyCLEasy to run kernelsWebsite
ForOpenCLFortran to OpenCL toolWebsite
fortranCLOpenCL interface for Fortran 90Website
FSCL.CompilerFSharp to OpenCL CompilerWebsite
GMACGlobal Memory for AcceleratorsWebsite
Go-OpenCLOpenCL bindings for GoWebsite
GPULibIterative sparse solversWebsite
gpumatrixMatrix and array libraryWebsite
gputoolsAccelerated volume processingWebsite
GPUVerifyFormal analysis of OpenCL GPU kernelsWebsite
HalideHigh-performance image processingWebsite
HarlanA Scheme-Based GPU Programming LanguageWebsite
HaskellHaskell high-level wrapperWebsite
HOpenCLOpenCL Wrapper APIWebsite
JOCLJava bindings for OpenCLWebsite
libCLGeneric parallel algorithms C++ libraryWebsite
Libra SDKCross Platform Acceleration APIWebsite
LuaLua bindingsWebsite
M3Parallel Framework and Primitive LibrariesWebsite
MatCLOpenCL interface for MathWorks MatlabWebsite
MUMPSDirect Sparse solverWebsite
OctaveOctave acceleration via OpenCLWebsite
Open Fortran ParserANTLR-based Fortran 2008 parsing toolWebsite
OpenCL.jlJulia OpenCL 1.2 bindingsWebsite
OpenCL.NET.NET bindingsWebsite
OpenCLIPPImage processing functionsWebsite
OpenClooVisionComputer vision frameworkWebsite
OpenCV-CLOpenCL accelerated OpenCVWebsite
ParalutionSparse iterative solver C++ libraryWebsite
PardisoDirect Sparse solverWebsite
PencilTarget for domain-specific languagesWebsite
PETScToolkit for Scientific ComputationWebsite
RaijinCLMatrix operations libraryWebsite
RivertrailJavaScript Data ParallelismWebsite
RNGRandom number generationWebsite
ROpenCLParallel Computing for RWebsite
RoseACC-->OpenCLRose based OpenACC to OpenCL Compiler.Website
Rose CompilerRose CompilerWebsite
Rust-OpenCLBindings for RustWebsite
ScalaCLScala support of OpenCLWebsite
SkelCLHigh-level abstraction libraryWebsite
SnuCLAdd heterogeneous cluster semanticsWebsite
SpeedIT 2.4OpenFoam acceleration libraryWebsite
streamscanFast Scan AlgorithmsWebsite
SuperLUDirect Sparse solverWebsite
s-u/OpenCL (R)Interface allowing R to use OpenCLWebsite
TM-TaskTask Scheduling and ManagementWebsite
TrilinosSparse and dense matricesWebsite
VexCLVector expression C++ template libraryWebsite
ViennaCLLinear algebra libraryWebsite
ViNNLibrary for Deep LearningWebsite
VirtualCLCluster platform wrapperWebsite
VOBLABasic Linear Algebra DSLWebsite
VOCLVirtualized OpenCL enviornmentWebsite
VSI/ProVSIPL implementationWebsite
WAMSAlgebraic Multigrid SolverWebsite
CLewWrangler LibraryWebsite