The IWOCL organisers believe that there are plenty of good OpenCL forums available that provide useful information for developers and therefore we do not wish to add yet another one and increase fragmentation; rather we would simply like to point developers at the ones that exist – hence the list below. If you are of a different opinion or have updates to the list of forums available, please share your thoughts with us via our General Enquiry form.

Khronos Forums
KhronosOpenCLVisit Forum
KhronosSPIRVisit Forum
KhronosSYCLVisit Forum
KhronosWebCLVisit Forum
3rd Party Forums
LinkedInOpenCL DevelopersVisit Forum
LinkedInSupercomputing for the masses (GPU/Cuda/OpenCL)Visit Forum
LinkedInOpenCL ProfessionalsVisit Forum
LinkedInOpenCL Business Development CommunityVisit Forum
StackoverflowForum questions tagged as OpenCLVisit Forum
Vendor Specific Forums
AlteraDiscuss Altera’s OpenCL SDKVisit Forum
AMDOpenCL community at devgurus.amd.comVisit Forum
ARMARM Connected Community (Search on OpenCL)Visit Forum
IntelIntel SDK for OpenCLVisit Forum