OpenCL BooksThe OpenCL books listed here use Amazon’s storefront feature to keeps the list of books available as up-to-date as possible. Please note that clicking on checkout will take you to Amazon’s USA ($) storefront. If we are missing any OpenCL books or category of books which you think are a “must-read” for anyone developing with OpenCL please let us know by Contacting Us.

Any selection of these books will help you use OpenCL to write applications that access the programming resources of: CPUs, GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

Additional Resources

Additional learning resources are available directly from the implementors such as Apple, Altera, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Xilinx and many others or from third party training and eductation, both commercial and open-source.

For vendor specific resources on using OpenCL visit: Vendor Implementations. For more general listings of other learning resources visit the Training and Education pages.