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The following OpenCL benchmarks are currently available for public download.  We do our best to keep this list updated whenever we hear of something new.

Publicly Available OpenCL Benchmarks

If we have missed something or you see anything that needs updating, please let us know by Contacting Us.

BenchmarkSupplierLink to Website
AccelSpecBenchmark Link
AIDA64FinalWireBenchmark Link
Basemark CLRightwareBenchmark Link
CHO (for FPGAs)University of ManchesterBenchmark Link
CompubenchKishonti LtdBenchmark Link
FinanceBenchUniversity of DelewareBenchmark Link
GPU-STREAMUniversity of BristolBenchmark Link
Hetero-MarkNortheastern UniversityNEU LinkGitHub
LuxMarkLuxrendererBenchmark Link
mixbenchUniversity of AthensBenchmark Link
OpenDwarfsVirginia TechBenchmark Link
Phoronix Test SuitePhoronixBenchmark Link
PolyBench/ACCUniversity of DelewareBenchmark Link
RatGPURatGPUBenchmark Link
Sandra 2014SiSoftwareBenchmark Link
SHOCKeenland PartnerBenchmark Link
ViennaCLBenchViennaCLBenchmark Link