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Tuesday 16th May – All Day

  • Advanced Hands-On OpenCL Tutorial

DHPCC++ 2017 Workshop

In response to the demand for heterogeneous programming models for C/C++, and the interest in driving these models in ISO C++, the original SYCL Workshop has morphed into “Distributed & Heterogeneous Programming in C/C++” and includes all the programming models that have been designed to support heterogeneous programming in C and C++.  The first DHPCC++ workshop was help at IWOCL 2017.

  • An Open Ecosystem for Software Programmers to Compute on FPGAs
    • Paul Chow, Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
  • HiHAT: A New Way Forward for Hierarchical Heterogeneous Asynchronous Tasking
  • SYCL C++17 and OpenCL interoperability experimentation with triSYCL
  • KART – A Runtime Compilation Library for Improving HPC Application Performance
  • Using SYCL as an Implementation Framework for HPX Compute
  • Adding OpenCL to Eigen with SYCL
  • SYCL-BLAS: Leveraging Expression Trees for Linear Algebra
  • Supporting Distributed and Heterogeneous Programming Models in ISO C++
  • Towards an Asynchronous Data Flow Model for SYCL 2.2
  • Towards a Unified Interface for Data Movement – Executors & Data Movement
  • Communicating Execution Contexts using Channels
  • Panel: What do you want in C++ for Heterogeneous

Wednesday 17th May – Morning

  • Unlock Intel GPUs for High Performance Compute, Media and Computer Vision
    • Jeff Mcallister, Biju George, Adam Herr and Ben Ashbaugh (Intel)
    • Slides: To be Confirmed | Video: Not Recorded
  • Heterogeneous Computing Using Modern C++ with OpenCL Devices
    • Rod Burns and Ruyman Reyes (Codeplay)
    • Slides: To be Confirmed | Video: Not Recorded
  • Harnessing the Power of FPGAs with the Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL
    • Byron Sinclair, Andrew Ling and Genady Paikin (Intel)
    • Slides: To be Confirmed | Video: Not Recorded

Conference Talks

Wednesday 17th May – Afternoon

  • Welcome and Opening Address
    • Simon McIntosh-Smith, Conference Chair and Prof. HPC, University Bristol
    • Download Slides
  • Keynote: OpenCL State of the Nation
    • Neil Trevett, NVIDIA and Khronos (President and OpenCL Working Group Chair)
    • Download Slides
  • Faster, smarter computer vision with AI and OpenCL
    • Uri Levy and Jeffrey Mcallister (Intel)
  • GPGPU Acceleration using OpenCL for a Spotlight SAR Simulator
    • Marc Hoffman (US Air Force Research Laboratory), Eric Balster, Jon Skeans and David Fan (University of Dayton)
  • Near Real-Time Risk Simulation of Complex Portfolios with OpenCL
    • Javier Alejandro Varela and Norbert Wehn (University of Kaiserslautern)
    • Download Slides
  • A Performance and Energy Evaluation of OpenCL-accelerated Molecular Docking
    • Leonardo Solis Vasquez and Andreas Koch (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
    • Download Slides
  • Assessing the feasibility of OpenCL CPU implementations for agent-based simulations
    • Nuno Fachada and Agostinho Rosa (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
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  • Khronos Panel Discussion
  • Conference Dinner, held at the University of Toronto Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks St, Toronto

Thursday 18th May – All Day

  • Keynote: OpenCL Applications
  • Enabling FPGAs as a True Device in the OpenCL Standard
    • Vincent Mirian and Paul Chow (University Of Toronto)
  • Applying Models of Computation to OpenCL Pipes for FPGA Computing
  • Accelerating Applications at Cloud Scale using FPGAs
    • Fernando Martinez Vallina and Spenser Gilliland (Xilinx)
  • Creating High Performance Applications with Intel’s FPGA OpenCL SDK
    • Andrew Ling, Utku Aydonat, Davor Capalija, Shane O’Connell and Gordon Chiu (Intel)
    • Download Slides
  • Symphony – Task Scheduling and Memory Management in Heterogeneous Computing
  • CUDA-on-CL: A Compiler and Runtime for Running Modern CUDA C++11 Applications on OpenCL
  • OpenCL in Scientific High Performance Computing—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Native GPU Debugging with OpenCL
    • Uri Levy (Intel)
  • Analyzing and Improving Performance Portability of OpenCL applications via Auto-Tuning
    • James Price and Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol)
    • Download Slides
  • Wavefront Parallel Processing on GPUs with an Application to Video Encoding Algorithms
  • Accelerated Machine Learning Using TensorFlow and SYCL on OpenCL Devices
    • Luke Iwanski, Andrew Richards and Mehdi Goli and (Codeplay)
    • Download Slides
  • Modelling Explicit SIMD Programming with Subgroups Functions
  • Closing Remarks and IWOCL 2018
    • Simon McIntosh-Smith, Conference Chair and Prof. HPC, University Bristol
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  • Conference Close

Poster Sessions

  • The Windsor Build and Testing Framework
  • Production-CL library for Iterative Scientific Calculations
  • OpenCL Interoperability with OpenVX Graphs
  • Effective Simulation of Kinetic Equations for Bosonic System with Two-Particle Interaction Using OpenCL
  • Opening the black box – Developer Friendly Way to See Under OpenCL Driver’s Hood
    • Michal Mrozek (Intel)
  • Host Channels: Direct Streaming Interface Between OpenCL Host and Kernel
    • Kris Kyeong Mo Kang and Peter Yiannacouras (Intel)