Presented by Arnon Peleg and Jim Cownie, Intel

This three hour tutorial/workshop will provide an introduction to using Intel® Vtune Amplifier to tune OpenCL codes targeting three different types of Intel hardware.

  1. The integrated graphics in Intel laptop and desktop processors running Windows
  2. The Intel processors themselves (laptop, desktop or server)
  3. The Intel Xeon Phi™ coprocessor

View the Following Intel Webinar Series for similar content to that presented at IWOCL. You may also find the following VTune Article useful:

Topics covered at IWOCL included:

  • building OpenCL codes for the different targets
  • simple use of Vtune Amplifier to look at OpenCL performance at the high level
  • using Vtune Amplifier to find more detailed performance bottlenecks

After this workshop attendees should understand

  • How to run OpenCL codes on three different pieces of Intel hardware
  • How to use Vtune Amplifier to investigate the performance of OpenCL codes and tune them on Intel hardware

If you are attending the Intel workshop and intend to bring a laptop to try out some of the examples being shown, then the document below will explain how to download Vtune and the test cases before you arrive.