Tutorial Presentations – Tue 12th May


Ben Ashbaugh (Intel), Adam Lake (Intel) and Maria Rovatsou (Codeplay)

A Framework for Visualization of OpenCL Applications Execution

A. Ziabari, R. Ubal, D. Schaa*, D. Kaeli (Northeastern University, AMD*)

Propel With OpenCL: A Deep Dive Workshop to Create, Debug, Analyze and Optimize OpenCL Applications using Intel Tools

Anita Banerjee, Julia Fedorova, Uri Levy, Alexandr Kurylev, Sonal Sharma, Michael Stoner, Robert Ioffe (Intel)

Khronos SYCL for OpenCL

Ronan Keryell (AMD), Ruyman Reyes (Codeplay) and Lee Howes (Qualcomm).

Posters – Tue 12th – Wed 13th May

Nano Simbox: An OpenCL-accelerated Framework for Interactive Molecular Dynamics

M. O’Connor*abc, P. Tewb, B. Sageb, S. McIntosh-Smitha, D. R. Glowackiabcd
aDepartment Of Computer Science, University Of Bristol, UK – bPervasive Media Studio, Bristol, UK – cSchool Of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK – dPULSE Institute, Stanford University,USA

Accelerating SGEMM with Subgroups

Ben Ashbaugh, Intel Corporation.

Architecture-Aware Tuning and Optimization Using OpenCL

Aclectic Systems Inc

  • Pending

OpenCL Accelerated Deep Learning for Visual Understanding

Jeremy Bottleson, Sungye Kim, Jeff Andrews, Preeti Bindu, Deepak N. Murthy, Joseph Spisak, Jingyi Jin.  Graphics Initiatives Team, VPG, Intel Corporation

High Dynamic Range Imaging by Heterogeneous Computing in Mobile Devices


A Compute Model for Augmented Reality with Integrated-GPU Acceleration

Preeti Bindu Jeremy Bottleson Sungye Kim Jingyi Jin. Graphics Initiative Team, VPG, Intel Corporation

Conference Presentations – Wed 13th May 2015

IWOCL 2015 Opening and Closing Address

Simon McIntosh-Smith

Leveraging OpenCL to Create Differentiation

Salvatore De Dominicis, Imagination Technologies.

A Look at the OpenCL 2.0 Execution Model

Benedict Gaster, University of West of England.

Exploring the Features of OpenCL 2.0

Saoni Mukherjee, Northeastern University.

Achieving Performance with OpenCL 2.0 on Intel Processor Graphics

Robert Ioffe, Intel.

Heterogeneous Computing: the rise of open programming frameworks

JC Baratault, AMD

Mapping C++ AMP to OpenCL / HSA

Jack Chung, MulticoreWare.

Update on the SYCL for OpenCL Open Standard to Enable C++ Meta Programming on Top of OpenCL

Andrew Richards, Codeplay.

Kernel Composition in SYCL

Ralph Potter, Paul Keir, Russell J. Bradford and Alastair Murray. Univ. Bath, Univ. University of the West of Scotland and Codeplay.

  • Pending

GPU Compute on Snapdragon

Eric Demers, Qualcomm Inc.

Oclgrind: An Extensible OpenCL Device Simulator

James Price. University of Bristol.

Asynchronous OpenCL/MPI numerical simulations of conservation laws

Philippe Helluy,  Univ. Strasbourg, Inria, IRMIA and AxesSim.

The Great Beyond: Higher Productivity, Parallel Processors and the Extraordinary Search for a Theory of Expression

Alan Ward. Texas Instruments.

CHO: Towards a Benchmark Suite for OpenCL FPGA Accelerators

Geoffrey Ndu, University of Manchester.

Performance Optimization for a SHA-1 Cryptographic Workload Expressed in OpenCL for FPGA Execution

Spenser Gilliland and Fernando Martinez Vallina, Xilinx.

  • Pending