Neil Henning of Codeplay

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OpenCL Standard Portable Intermediate Representation (SPIR) is a new standard allowing developers to accelerate their own languages on an OpenCL implementation, across heterogeneous platforms.
Languages need to be adapted to be useable on heterogeneous hardware. Parallelism has to be added to the language, but more problematic is how to manage data. How features of the hardware are exposed to a developer, while ensuring a simple and understandable language is developed, is a difficult balance.
Languages are nothing without the tools to support them. This talk will also discuss how to develop custom tools like debuggers and profilers for OpenCL SPIR implementations.
The topics covered will provide an initial foray into the tools currently on the market, a starting point for developers who are keen to have their own custom languages supported with OpenCL SPIR, and a look forward to what we can be expected from this area in the coming years.