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I'm a freelance marketing consultant with a strong background in delivering successful market development programs within the B2B technology sector.I'm experienced in a wide range of marketing disciplines and combine a pragmatic approach to problem solving and strategic thinking with a proactive hands-on attitude. I have a sales and business development experience and a strong empathy with engineering-led high tech companies.I worked for 3DLABS for 19 years where I was the Marketing Director and before that worked in the areas of AI and Expert Systems. During my time at 3DLABS I worked on a number of Khronos related activities, most notably with OpenGL and more recently with OpenCL.In 2013-2014 I helped Khronos on a number of projects, including Supercomputing and Siggraph and I'm the local organiser for IWOCL.Please email me at tim.lewis@croftedge.com if you would like to discuss you marketing requirements.

OpenCL at Embedded World 2015

Thanks to Vincent at StreamComputing for spotting that Altera and Freescale will be talking about OpenCL at this year's Embedded World Conference (February 24-26, Nuremberg, Germany). The three talks are on Thursday 26 in the Image Processing track that runs from 13:30-16:30. Design and Portability of an Efficient OpenCL Runtime Environment for Multi-Core Embedded Systems [...]

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Codeplay demo first prototype SYCL Implementation

In March this year the Khronos Group released the SYCL 1.2 provisional specification for industry feedback and only six months later Codeplay were demonstrating their prototype implementation of SYCL at the recent Multicore Challenge conference in the UK. SYCL 1.2 is an abstraction layer built upon OpenCL 1.2 that developers can use create applications and [...]

2017-01-17T16:25:56+00:00 October 2nd, 2014|Blog, Codeplay|

OpenCL Training: An Introduction to Using AMD GPUs

When: September 17, 2014 at 10am MST Join Chris Mason, Product Manager at Acceleware, for some online OpenCL training and specifically an informative introduction to GPU Programming using AMD devices. The tutorial will begin with a brief overview of OpenCL and data-parallelism before focusing on the GPU programming model. We will explore the fundamentals of [...]

2018-03-28T18:32:51+00:00 September 11th, 2014|Acceleware, Blog, Tutorials|

High-Level Programming Framework for Executing Streaming Applications on Heterogeneous OpenCL Platforms

Abstract: As the computer industry is reaching more and more limits regarding processor speed and transistor size, they have to come up with complex new architectures and more efficient use of the available processing power. For application developers this can be a difficult task, because they have to be aware of low-level hardware properties and [...]

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Check for OpenCL on Android

The handy little app “OpenCL Info” lets you check if you have OpenCL installed on your Android device. Developed Xavier Hallade the app is available on the Google store. If you do find it available then let the folks over at ArrayFire know as they have published a Google Document tracking supported devices and are [...]

2014-07-02T07:30:00+00:00 July 2nd, 2014|ArrayFire, Blog|

GPUVerify Contributor Wins National Award

Nathan Chong from Imperial College London has been announced as the overall winner in a prestigious UK competition for his work on GPUVerify (the verification technique and tool for the automatic analysis of GPU kernels written in OpenCL). The award recognises researchers who are pioneers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Fifteen researchers showcased the [...]

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Intel Publish OpenCL API Debugger Tutorial

OpenCL API Debugger is a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in that enables debugging of OpenCL applications. API Debugger is a new feature of the Compute Code Builder found in Intel’s Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE) and the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2014 Beta. The API Debugger lets developers view the list of all OpenCL API [...]

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AMD’s Core Math Library (ACML) SDK Released

AMD’s Core Math Library (ACML 6 GA) is now available as a production SDK, as announced in this blog post. This is the first version of ACML that supports heterogeneous computing, leveraging the open source clMathLibraries projects as a compute backend “offloading significant computation to OpenCL devices”. […]

2018-03-28T18:41:50+00:00 June 26th, 2014|Amd, Blog, Libraries|

On the Characterization of OpenCL Dwarfs on Fixed and Reconfigurable Platforms

The proliferation of heterogeneous computing platforms presents the parallel computing community with new challenges. One such challenge entails evaluating the efficacy of such parallel architectures and identifying the architectural innovations that ultimately benefit applications. To address this challenge, we need benchmarks that […]

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